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Homestead Stencil Is a Family owned and operated Business in a small backwoods community in East Alabama (Seale, Alabama to be exact) If you have ever driven to Panama City Beach thru Phenix City have driven right by our place.

Homestead Stencil began out of necessity for stencils for my own sign business, and soon became my passion. I had a collection of stencils of over 1000 and God gave me the vision of doing my own rather than purchasing more... so I set out to accomplish this dream, after designing a few and having the time of my life replacing old worn out stencils my husband said hey throw some on ebay so we did and it was an overnight hit. My vision became passion and passion became addiction and thus Homestead Stencil was born and named for our farm we own in Florida. It is a 5th generation family farm. It is the original Bailey "Homestead".

I will tell you this It would not be what it is today without the journey God set our feet on- many would not believe what it took to get us to the point of seeing this blessing thru... God is the ONLY reason it is what it is. I will tell you also God gets paid... he receives no less that 10% ( TITHE ) and I believe without a doubt He honors it. It is not about the money let me say that- it is about the heart and obedience to him with this business He owns it and we manage it. I give Him all the praise and glory for it!

About Our Pricing~ All thru the years we have priced our items whether it was signs or stencils so the average person buying our products could afford it. I simply had a lot of stencils I had paid $20+ for and they were not good sellers and then I was out my money and material for the signs I had made with it. So I had this thought ~ok well I will price my items so if they only sold one sign it would pay for the stencil and then they wouldn't be out much, and too what would I pay for it and not mind it, and with the economy the way it is now folks simply can not afford a loss.

Here at Homestead Stencil Company I will always try to do my best as this is not my business but Gods business I simply manage it, so for that reason ~ I will give 110% in trying to assist you, however from time to time I will be unable to do so, and will gladly refer you to someone else. If I can be of assistance feel free to let me know

Thanking you in advance for your patronage


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