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STENCIL ITEM 7217 SET - What do you wanna be married to me for anyhow?
STENCIL ITEM 7109 Keep your face always towards the SUNSHINE
STENCIL ITEM 6312 If Ever There Is A Tomorrow ... Winnie the pooh
STENCIL ITEM 6052 My Greatest Fear In Life Is That When I Die My husband Will sell my Craft Supplies For What I Told Him The Cost
STENCIL (ITEM #622) The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time
STENCIL ITEM 2934 Government's First Duty Is To Protect The People. Not Run Their Lives Ronald Reagan
STENCIL ITEM 6106 How Do You Spell Love - Piglet
STENCIL ITEM 5991 To Live Would Be ... Peter Pan
STENCIL ITEM 5950 You is Kind You Is Smart You is Important
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